3" x 92' 2-ply White/Canary Roll Paper

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3" x 92' 2-ply White/Canary Roll Paper, 50 rolls/case
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This 3” x 92’ 2-ply  Paper Roll fits:   Axiohm A714  Citizen CBM710, Citizen CBM720, Citizen DP610, Citizen iDP3410, Citizen iDP3420, Citizen iDP3421, Citizen iDP3423, Citizen iDP3530, Citizen iDP3535, Citizen iDP3540, Citizen iDP3541, Citizen iDP3545, Citizen iDP3546, Citizen iDP3550, Citizen iDP3551, Citizen iDP460  CITIZEN PR385  Datamega TM300  EPSON M119, Epson TM300, Epson TM-U200, Epson TM-U200B, Epson TM-U210, Epson TM-U220, Epson TM-U230, Epson TM-U300, Epson TM-U325, Epson TM-U375  Hypercom T77F (Impact Printer)  IBM SUREONE  Ithaca Per. PcOS 150, Ithaca 151, Ithaca 152, Ithaca 153  LinkPoint 1000  MICROS 1700, Micros 2415W, Micros 4000W, Micros 4700, Micros 4700W, Micros 8700, Micros PR282, MICROS Heavy Duty Kitchen, Micros PR344, Micros 1700, Micros 2400, Micros 2700, Micros TM-U200B, Micros TM-U300  NCR 2170 w/2173 PTR, NCR 2170 w/7160 PTR, NCR 2173, NCR 7161, NCR 7445-1000  Omni 480  Panasonic 7000, Panasonic P100WP  POS-X XR200 impact receipt printer  POS-X XR210 impact receipt printer  Samsung SRP-100, Samsung SRP 270  Star Micronics SP200, Star SP2000, Star SP212, Star SP216, Star SP2320, Star SP2360, Star SP242, Star SP246, Star SP2520, Star SP2560, Star SP300, Star SP312, Star SP317, Star SP342, Star SP347, Star SP349, Star SP500, Star SP700,  Star UP389  Transact ITHACA SERIES 150, 151, 152, 153  Verifone Omni 480, Verifone Printer 220, Verifone Printer 250, Verifone Printer 500, Verifone Printer 900, Verifone TRANZ 330 w/P250 PTR  And many more!