Pear Sliced in Light Syrup #10 Can

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Offer guests of your cafeteria, restaurant, diner, or buffet the consistently satisfying taste of pears with the convenience of canned fruit. The size of these cube-shape diced pears makes them perfect for cooking or baking. Packaged in their naturally sweetened light juice, these diced pears have a beautiful greenish white coloring, tender yet slightly firm texture, and a fresh-picked, refreshing taste your customers are sure to love.

Add traditionally tasty offerings to your menu, such as pear tarts or pear crisp topped with ice cream. Use them as toppings for salads, yogurt, or cream cheese. Serve pears exclusively, combine with other fruits for a flavorful fruit salad, or top off pancakes or waffles for a delicious breakfast. Try these diced pears paired with apples, honey, or walnuts. These juicy pears are packaged in a generously-sized can for easy preparation and superior service.